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Program Hosted By

Tianni Janae Graham

Deborah Harris

VTDITC Hip Hop Studies

Crystal Hodges

Community Library Manager, Compton Library

Paul Robeson House and Museum

Paul Robeson House and Museum

Dave Huie

Roland Jackson

Founder, Planet Health Compton

Bruce Jackson

Dr. David James

DJ Amira & Kayla

SenYon Kelly

Universal Hip Hop Museum

Camille Lawrence

Roosevelt Public Library

Wyandanch Public Library

Queens Public Library


Norfolk Public Library

Norfolk Public Library

Las Vegas - Clark County Library District

Fulton County Library System

Mysonne Linen

Dr. Nadia Lopez

Dr. Brandeis Marshall

Ralph McDaniels

Hip Hop Coordinator, Queens Public Library

Wonder Mike

Mixtape Museum

Mixtape Museum

A.V. Perkins