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Innovator, Motivator, Philanthropist, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels changed  music and made history when he broke down cultural barriers with his  legendary band Run-DMC. Forty million record sales and ½ billion streams  later, he continues to inspire & impact the world… 

Darryl “DMC” McDaniels is a legendary music icon who first impacted the world  40 years ago when Run-DMC made their recording debut “It’s Like That/ Sucker  MCs.” From the first rap group to grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine to  the first to appear on MTV, he helped changed music, culture, fashion, language and made American history. It would be hard to overstate his influence on  popular culture. 

Forty million record sales and ½ billion song streams later DMC still continues to  create, inspire and motivate. In 2009, as a founding member of Run-DMC, he  was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and in 2016 he received a  Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy given to  “performers who, during their lifetimes, have made creative contributions of  outstanding artistic significance to the field of recording.” 

He launched a comic book company called Darryl Makes Comics, a new journey  that helps bridge the gap between the worlds of hip-hop and the fantastic  adventures he got wrapped up in as a youth. The company’s first full length  graphic novel hit stores in October 2014, and has since followed up with a new  release every year. 

In addition to his comics, Darryl released his first children’s book in 2021 entitled “Darryl’s Dream” on Random House Books for Young Readers, an imprint of  Random House Children’s Books (RHCB), in partnership with Nickelodeon and  ViacomCBS Consumer Products. https://tmapr.com/dmcbookldngpg 

Darryl is also the co-author of two critically acclaimed books: his memoir entitled,  Ten Ways Not to Commit Suicide (2016/Harpers/Amistad) giving him another  platform to talk about his past struggles with depression and helping those,  especially men of color, remove the shame of asking for help. He recently  partnered with U Will, the app that allows college students immediate access to a  therapist. He also penned the autobiography King of Rock; Respect,  Responsibility and My Life with Run-DMC (2001/ Thomas Dunne Books/St.  Martins) as well as an award-winning solo album Checks, Thugs & Rock and  Roll. 

That album produced the hit single “Just like Me” featuring Sarah McLachlan; a  song DMC wrote after discovering he was adopted, that spoke to his new revelation and began his journey down another life path, in search of his birth  mother. While his search struggle was captured in the 2007 Emmy Winning VH1  documentary DMC: My Adoption Journey, the process gave DMC tremendous  insight and purpose, prompting him to become an advocate for adoption and  children in foster care. 

In 2006 he co-founded the Felix Organization with Hollywood casting agent  Sheila Jaffe- a nonprofit that works to provide inspiring opportunities and new  experiences to enrich the lives of children who are growing in the foster care  system. http://www.thefelixorganization.org 

All the while, DMC’s music continues to inspire! In 2017 he released the eagerly  anticipated special vinyl-only limited edition EP, Back From the Dead- The  Legend Lives with the 4-track power-bolt featuring iconic collaborations from the  rock and hip hop worlds including Chuck D (Public Enemy), John Moyer  (Disturbed), Rome (Sublime), and Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge, Slash), and  others. The Deluxe Package (a limited rollout of 4000, individually numbered  and pressed in red vinyl) with the cover artwork for Back From The Dead portraying DMC as a zombie, was designed by award winning Walking Dead  graphic novel artist Tony Moore. 

Darryl recently released the single “Me and My Microphone” featuring Chuck D,  Ice-T, Jazzy Jeff and produced by Bumpy Knuckles. The single has a  corresponding comic featuring each of the hip hop icons as superheroes. 

Available on the DMC imprint King of Rock Entertainment, the single is in advance of his new album AMERICA that will feature songs with Joan Jett,  Sammy Hagar, Travis Barker (Blink 182), Chuck D, Sum 41, DJ Hurricane  (Beastie Boys), Ice-T, Sebastian Bach (Skid Row), Mick Mars (Motley Crue), Duff  McKagan (Guns N’ Roses) and more. The album is scheduled for late 2023. 

In between his work as a musical artist and producer, published author and  speaker, or his work with his nonprofit, McDaniels finds time to talk with kids  across the country about respect, responsibility, and self-awareness. One of his  many memorable engagements included an invitation in 2015 by former President Obama to speak at the White House to a group of young men about  fatherhood. 

Darryl has also appeared before Congress and various State legislatures in  support of adoptees and foster children, worked with former First Lady Michelle  Obama on part of her “Get Fit” Campaign, was a featured speaker at the 2016  Kennedy Forum #Young Minds Matter event on Mental Health, and was a featured speaker at the 2017 SXSW Music Festival and 2017 Kennedy Center  Honors. 

He is also an Advisory Board Member for Hip Hop Public Health, an organization whose mission “is to foster positive health behavior change through the  transformative power of hip-hop music.” He helped create early awareness on  the importance of being vaccinated against COVID-19. (WATCH) https://hhph.org/communityimmunity 

For his numerous philanthropic endeavors, DMC has received numerous awards  including the Hard Rock’s Love All Serve All Award, the Doing Art Together  (DAT) Honoree Award for his contributions to helping under-served communities  in NYC in the classroom and life, and the coveted CHILDREN’S RIGHTS  Champion Award for his tireless work on behalf of foster children through his  nonprofit The Felix Organization, as well as his work providing other year-round  opportunities for children in foster care. 

In addition to the Felix Organization and Hip Hop Public Health, Darryl “DMC”  McDaniels currently serves on the Board of Directors of The Garden of Dreams  Foundation, a non-profit charity that works closely with all areas of The Madison  Square Garden Company, including the Knicks, Rangers, Liberty, MSG  Entertainment and MSG Media, to make dreams come true for children facing  obstacles.


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